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      Windstorm Tore off some Siding

      After a windstorm tore off some siding from my house, a representative from the siding company that the property manager had recommended came out to assess the damage, gave me an exorbitant quote, and... more
       "Denise Clare"

      Our Home is now Quieter

      We’ve had a year to "test drive" the siding installation project your team completed last fall. In a word.....remarkable!!
       "Jerry Walton"

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    Check out a Roof Leak

    I called 3 or 4 years ago to have you check out a roof leak. I thought for sure we would need to have it replaced. Much to my surprise, your estimator found the leak was caused by nothing more than a few nail pops. So for $150 my problem was solved. Not only was I happy that I didn't have to pay for a new roof, I was pleasantly surprised that no attempt was made to sell me a roof.

    So now here we are again, a different section of the roof is leaking due to lost shingles. After 23 years I'm certain the roof needs to be replaced. So of course I call you. Jeremy came out today and proved me wrong again! With a couple of new shingles and some minor repair work in spots, he feels we've got a few more years to go. New roof averted yet again!!

    While you may have missed out on a bigger payday from us thus far, it is clear you are well aware of how to build a successful, reputable business of loyal customers. The day will come when we do need a new roof and when we do, I know who to call.

    Until then, I will enthusiastically tell all my friends and neighbors about the honesty & integrity of Dale Rimmer Siding. Thank you.

    From: Tom Kerest