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      Personal Commitment to the get the Job done Right

      I have known Dale for many years. He is active in my community and coached both of my son's soccer teams. He was wonderful with my boys, teaching teamwork and fairness along with soccer skills.

      Various types of Gutter Guards

      Dale discussed the pros and cons of various types of gutter guards so that we could choose and option that would work best for our situation.

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    Our testimonial are randomly displayed below and in the video.

    We thank and greatly appreciate all of our customers for their kind words and high ratings on the various business and social media websites!

    Quality Workmanship

    Dale and his team were very professional. He provided quality workmanship that was neat, clean and done expeditiously.

    We obtained four quotes and Dale was the only contractor whose initial estimate was fair and honest. The others gave estimates and then said they would lower the price once we informed them that we had selected someone else.

    Overall he did an excellent job and provided us with a stress free experience.



    Our Home is now Quieter

    We’ve had a year to "test drive" the siding installation project your team completed last fall. In a word.....remarkable!!

    Our home is now quieter, warmer in the winter, and of course, more attractive than when new! Many neighbors have commented on the curb appeal our home has.

    The customized window trim adds a special touch not seen in our development. The quality of the siding, and installation, is visible from afar. You, Don and the crew were a pleasure to work with.

    Several members of my gym recommended you before this project began. I now know why, and include myself in that group. Your work is top notch!!

    From: Jerry Walton


    Outstanding Job

    Fran and I wanted you to know that we are extremely pleased with the outstanding job your company did replacing windows in our home.

    We had contracted three local companies for quote's and felt your quote was fair and competitive. Your approach to estimating, following through on sending a professional quote, and submitting samples to evaluate was more than we expected.

    We chose your company in the final selection because of your years of outstanding reputation and quality service you have given other neighbors in this area.

    We are pleased with the siding selection we made. Your company did an excellent job in removing the old siding, installing the new siding and replacing the windows and removing all the materials, especially the nails from our property.

    If you need to have any future prospects call us, please feel free to do so. You and your team are to be commended on doing the job right the first time.



    Provided an Estimate

    Dale was referred by a contractor that did some stone work for us.

    Dale came over, provided an estimate and we agreed to have work done.

    Dale and his crew did a fantastic job and the house looks terrific. They spent the better part of a week completing the job.



    Windstorm Tore off some Siding

    After a windstorm tore off some siding from my house, a representative from the siding company that the property manager had recommended came out to assess the damage, gave me an exorbitant quote, and told me that they could start the repair work in four weeks or so.

    After a second windstorm tore off most of the rest of the siding from that side of the house, I called Dale. He immediately sent out a crew to put up a tarp so that I wouldn't incur any additional damage.

    Dale worked with the adjuster to secure a fair settlement from the insurance company. The new siding was installed promptly and with care, which minimized my anxiety during an otherwise stressful time.

    It was a real pleasure to work with Dale. And the next time that a windstorm passes through and tears off some old siding, I will call Dale first!

    From: Denise Clare


    Personal Commitment to the get the Job done Right

    I have known Dale for many years. He is active in my community and coached both of my son's soccer teams. He was wonderful with my boys, teaching teamwork and fairness along with soccer skills.

    When it came time for a new roof and siding. I checked out several companies, including Dale Rimmer Siding for both ideas and price, most other companies offer the "big" names in siding, however, with these big names come big prices, Dale does not succumb to the big brands advertisements, he thoroughly researches what he sells and offers the best products at the best price.

    Dale's estimate was in the same ball park as the other companies I investigated, however, what he brought to the table that the others lacked was a personal commitment to the get the job done right.

    His estimate included a lot of nice touches that the other estimates lacked, suck as color coordinated replacement vents and color coordinated gutters. These are things that made the job look totally awesome.

    While waiting for a slot in his schedule, it was sometimes difficult to get in touch with Dale, However, he was focused on the job he had in the works, patience on my part paid off with a wonderful job. When it was my turn and his crew as working on my house I was able to reach Dale when I needed him and he was very responsive to me.

    Dale personally practices the same values in his business that he reinforced in my boys-honesty and fairness will produce a quality product. Dale treats his staff as he treated his soccer kids. He sells quality products and has skilled crew to install those products. He offers truly personal service



    Check out a Roof Leak

    I called 3 or 4 years ago to have you check out a roof leak. I thought for sure we would need to have it replaced. Much to my surprise, your estimator found the leak was caused by nothing more than a few nail pops. So for $150 my problem was solved. Not only was I happy that I didn't have to pay for a new roof, I was pleasantly surprised that no attempt was made to sell me a roof.

    So now here we are again, a different section of the roof is leaking due to lost shingles. After 23 years I'm certain the roof needs to be replaced. So of course I call you. Jeremy came out today and proved me wrong again! With a couple of new shingles and some minor repair work in spots, he feels we've got a few more years to go. New roof averted yet again!!

    While you may have missed out on a bigger payday from us thus far, it is clear you are well aware of how to build a successful, reputable business of loyal customers. The day will come when we do need a new roof and when we do, I know who to call.

    Until then, I will enthusiastically tell all my friends and neighbors about the honesty & integrity of Dale Rimmer Siding. Thank you.

    From: Tom Kerest