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      Job done so Quickly

      Thank you all at Dale Rimmer Siding for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate it.

      Provided an Estimate

      Dale was referred by a contractor that did some stone work for us.

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    Services - Stucco Remediation

    There has been much in the news about the horrific problems with stucco over the past few years ... A combination of better insulated home and corner cutting by builders and stucco installers has created a moisture problem within many homes with stucco siding. In either situation, or in many cases, both; moisture gets trapped between layers, frequently against the wood and insulation layers resulting in mildew and mold.

    Frequently, the moisture problem develops over years without being noticed so when it appears, frequently on inside walls, the mold is well established and repairs are expensive.

    Contact Dale Rimmer Siding to connect you to certified stucco inspector who will provide a detailed report that we can use to provide you with a free estimate for remediation. We have saved homeowners up to 50% off the handling of stucco remediation.